25 May 2015

On Wednesday last week, my son had a fever. His body ached and he was worried because he had a back ache. I thought it was the flu. On Thursday he complained that it was very hard for him to swallow and it felt like there was a lump at the back of his mouth that caused his nostril passageway to be blocked when he lied down in some positions. I took him to the doctor who confirmed that he had a lump at the left back side of his mouth (where his tonsils are). She explained that if it was tonsillitis he would have swelling in both tonsils but it was clear that he had a lump in one tonsil. She was to prescribe antibiotics but said that if the antibiotics didn’t help he would have to see an ENT for further tests possibly biopsy.

At the same time that the doctor was giving her diagnosis, I texted Manisha Sahijwani at Ajmer, India and asked her to send healing for my son. She said she’d start right away. My son had a fever when he went to the doctor. That was the first to disappear. As soon as we got home, he said he was feeling better and offered, as was planned before he got sick, to cook for our family dinner (my son is a chef). That afternoon he cooked but could still feel the lump, which was causing pain. Towards the evening he said that he was feeling better that the lump seemed to have gotten smaller. Yesterday morning, he said he didn’t have a fever the whole night and that the lump was even smaller. He could eat soft solids unlike the day before. I texted Manisha and she said she would continue the healing so he is completely well.

Last night, he said that the lump is going away. It is noticeably smaller. I will get another feedback this morning and update.

Thanks you!


Maria Oaz Jaranila

Manila, Philippines

Mob. +63 917 848 0504

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