Akashic Restructure

Brahma Satya Akashic Healing

This is one of the most significant healing of the highest spiritual nature that has huge implication on existence of an individual in real life. One needs to understand its deep significance to appreciate its purpose and then avail this by own freewill.

Each and every individual actually has just a single wish or goal, whatever way it may be put, and that is to be in an experience of eternal bliss or ‘ananda’. This is nothing but an experience of all fulfilling state of at will experience of blissful happiness. Akashic restructure healing is the step in this direction within System Brahma Satya.

Everyone is now conversant of the existence of the concept of body, mind and soul. One is ever engaged in attending to the body and mind, but what about the soul? In any of the belief systems practised anywhere in world, there are only two beliefs prevalent on soul – first being that the soul is on an journey of experiencing life through the vehicles of different body and mind in the course of time or a theory of rebirth. The second theory is that there is no rebirth and the soul merges into light at the end of life or with death.

Both the theories are fully valid and true. There is only a single life and there are multiple lives in this journey of soul. One needs to understand this dual valid theory from the considerations of the energy fact, in due consideration of the domain or expanse in which it be considered. This is so because the soul is the purest form of energy.

There is only one universal soul and every soul is a part of this very universal soul. Purpose of life of each soul is to just complete the journey of life and the final destination is the same, that of merging itself in the universal soul. This is like energy returning back into its own source of energy emergence. Now consider the fact that energy can neither be created nor can it be destroyed, it can only be transformed. Also that even while the universe has a nature of being repetitive, yet there can be no repetition of anything that is created or there can not be any existence of absolutely same anywhere in the world at any time. This is the principle of unique exclusivity of nature.

With the completion of life, body and mind are transformed into soul over a period of time. The journey of body and mind is thus complete with its returning back to its energy source of the source, that is, the soul. That is, with respect to a single creation of life that was identified as an assembly of a particular body, mind and soul. Also equally true is a fact that in actuality, neither the body nor the body can ever be transformed totally into energy and there always exists in eternity a presence of even the body and mind somewhere in space where everything exists. Thus, this creation of an unique assembly of body, mind and soul even after the body and mind are gone can not be destroyed completely, and it remains as an eternal impression of energy of the being of that soul or pure energy form that has traces of matter and mind into it.

Expanding the same theory, this very above soul might even be forming some other combination of body, mind and soul and thus is undergoing a process of transformation of energy. Herein, the theory of rebirth gets validated and the soul is going through a process of occupying many different body and mind in the course of passage of time over different birth cycles.

The impressions that the soul makes exist eternally in a space of the universe. This space is called the Akashic Record. The impressions over here create a pattern of energy through an intertwined constellation of energy that connects to the presence of body, mind and soul from different time era’s.

It is this energy pattern that rules over life and the being called individual goes through a cycle of experiencing in the present life span.

Attending to the akashic restructuring healing hence becomes highly significant. It is all about reaching out into the depths of the akashic records, that are nothings but spectacles of energy stream particles and patterns that signify the state of effect realised in terms of bliss or grief, pleasure or pain. This healing is structured to identify the patterns of imbalance existing in a particular individual akashic record and effecting corrections in the pattern there itself, so as to effectively evolve out a much more harmonic and balanced energy pattern that accelerates the individual journey into a direction of moving towards eternal experience of blissful happiness.

This is a single session healing. One can avail this in person presence or it can be done over a long distance.

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