Aura Scanning Analysis

Resonance Frequency Aura Imaging

Resonance Frequency Aura Imaging

This is done through the resonance frequency imaging system. Aura tells a lot of individual personality, the emotions undergoing, the thoughts emerging and the possibility of outcomes emerging in the course of ongoing life happenings. Things reflect on the aura much before it actually manifests on the physical. It gives a highly useful preventive maintenance tool to the individual.

Human being is a reflection of the cosmos. Anything and  everything in cosmos is energy, including matter, real or  fiction. Aura imaging indicates the two way effect on the  individual – how the universe is affecting the individual and  how the individual is effecting the universe.

These indications emerge upon the aura much in advance to  the actual happening or manifesting. This, hence becomes a  vital reference tool for both, preventive as well as proactive  mode

This facility is available in person at Mumbai. However, this facility can be availed over long distance. We have a method by which, we can conduct this aura scanning over long distance also, ie, the person need not be physically present to be aura scanned.

What we need as input to provide the guidance is:

1. Name of the person for whom guidance is saught

2. Specific list of queries (not exceeding a maximum of 3)

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