Brahma Chaitanya

Brahma Chaitanya is a dynamic evolution of System Brahma Satya. With this evolution, the entire concept of healing has undertaken a transformative shift. The healings have become very easy, and yet the effects have multiplied many fold times. And the beauty of this form of training is that there is no initiation process involvement here. There is absolutely no theory concept here. It is all an automatic happening. This happens with the establishing of a direct connect between the individual and the cosmic consciousness in the presence of the trainer being there as a witness to this happening.

Through these trainings, there is an awakening of this super consciousness and its connection with the individual. It is through this learning that an individual is well connected with the supreme cosmic consciousness. And through this connection, the very life of the individual is transformed. It is through this learning that the whole universal consciousness backs up the ground moving of the individual.

Literally meaning, the individual takes the progressive steps on earth, and the whole universal consciousness supports this moving of the individual. Thus all efforts that are made by the individual are well realized in reality.

 These trainings are conducted only by Founder of System Brahma Satya. This training is conducted only in a mass group (participation strength more than 50) and is open to anybody over 15 years age. There is no upper limit to the number of participants and this course can well be conducted in an open ground to accommodate the mass numbers. This training can either be conducted in a day or can be split into 2-3 days depending upon the participants making up the mass group.

In this primary course, one learns:

  1. The importance of Principles of System Brahma Satya and its deep connection with life.
  2. To breathe the Breath of Life and being in connection with such a lively breath.
  3. To connect with the Bright Glowing Light and being in connection with such a brilliant light.
  4. To understand the connected collective meaning and use of the universal chants connecting the whole cosmic consciousness with oneself.
  5. Self healing and healing others through a loving and caring actual contact with divine or supreme consciousness.
  6. Learning to use the Chaitanya (or Consciousness) Arati process.


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