Brahma Satya Mudras

This stream of Brahma Satya connects with the ancient origin of mudras through the power of Shakti. This is an ancient science of elements to have evolved in India and is easy to learn and practise. This is of great benefit to children and helps a lot in their overall development.

Brahma Satya Mudras are different than the mudras that are normally available through books. Brahma Satya touches upon the most essential and salient part of mudra in a scientific manner.

Brahma Satya Mudras gradually move to draw in the divine power through the proper coordination of hand or palm positionings. The difference that Brahma Satya brings into the world of mudras is that it makes it dynamic in nature. Thus, the effects are magnified and benefits gained fruitfully.

There are three levels of training:

Level – 1 : This emphasises upon the vital importance of manner in which each day should be begun with. And, then it moves to the science of balancing the five elements in the body.

Level – 2 : This is about enhancing of various qualities that are are very much required in the growing process of every child and individual.

Level – 3 : This is about enabling a spiritual connection that generates a different level of maturity that is needed in the growing process of every child and individual.

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