Brahma Satya Power Breath

Breath is Life
This is universal truth – Brahma Satya

There can not be any life without a breath. This applies to human, all other living beings including animals and plants. This is even applicable to inanimate objects that includes any matter.

Breath is what determines a continuous flow of vital & core energy. Energy is nothing but representation of core vibration. Life is represented by a vibration pattern that is dynamic or moving as an oscillation in a sinusoidal manner. No life is represented by a straight line vibration that is without any oscillation.

The utility concept of breath is drawn in from ancient times. The system of Yoga uses the breath through its different modalities of Pranayama. Buddha promoted the practice of Vipassana, which is nothing but managing the breath. The art of living promotes it through the mode of sudarshan kriya, which is managing the breath modulating it through rapid fluctuation modes.

Brahma Satya Power Breath is unique in the sense that it objectives connects the micro-breathing mode without getting into any dramatic presentation mode to the onlooker and gets to the practical application of realistic world and thus goes about toning and managing the breath in micro level through normal breathing mode.

Anything and everything in this universe is represented by a vibration pattern. This includes even ambition and goal besides health. Breath is in a continuous sync with individual and every aspect of individual. It is a 24 x 7 auto sync model. It is easy to understand this because it is the breath that automatically changes whenever one is angry, sad, excited, etc. Everybody actually experiences this truth. Isn’t so that all this happens automatically?

Brahma Satya Power Breath is designed upon this very principle. The difference here is that the power breath is set up consciously here. When this is correctly done, the reverse mechanism also holds true. In other words, it is then the breath that would manifest the outcome rather than the outcome manifesting the breath, that happens normally.

With this concept, System Brahma Satya announces a yet another original path setting service modality –

It is Unbelievably simple and astonishingly powerful.

The workshop is designed to Set up a Power Breath for the participant.

Power Breath doesn’t mean powerful breathing or any kind of strong out of normal breathing. Rather, it means normal breathing such that the power of normal natural breathing is fully realised.

With the setting up of the Power Breath, and one being able to consciously retain it, one can actually attain and achieve whatever wished wherever irrespective of time or place/space

Brahma Satya Power Breath Emphatically states that “If you genuinely believe so, You can be the Master of your own Creation/Manifestation.”

It is a minimum of two or three days of intense dedicated program on breathing. Sessions of breath toning is done in it. It teaches the person enough to consciously tone the breath as per the need.

Each and every participant is attended individually, simply as each individual has a different pattern of breath.

With this training, one is sufficiently empowered with the technique and knowhow to retain the set power breath lifelong.

Trainee is guided to identify the faults prevailing in the breath and the way to correct it to the desired output breath pattern for the goal to be manifested.

Application area of Power Breath is as Unlimited as is Life itself. Each and every person actually needs this. It is about life and It can be applied upon anything.

This workshop is conducted by the founder of Brahma Satya only.

Where can this workshop be held

Anywhere, by arranging a group of people.

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