Brain Aneurysm


  • Report Prepared By                : Deepak Bisen, TA To ED NALCO in year 2004
  • Mob. No. +91 99370 65636
  • Healee’s name                          : Kanchan Sadhwani.
  • Place of stay                            : Manila., Philippines
  • Mob. No. +63 91779 13369
  • Healer                                      : Sri Agnapushpanjal ( Mr. Deepak Hardikar, Durg, INDIA)
  • Methodology                          : SYSTEM BRAHMA SATYA (SBS)
  • Period of Healing :

(A) Intense healing (of the highest order) from 20 th August to 7 th October 2004.

  • Expected Healing period- Minimum One year from 20 th August onwards) as support and reinforcement healings. It also has to be followed up by observation healings for a period of at least 5 years from the time of hemorrhage.
  • Intensity of the problem : Kanchan was admitted in the hospital at Manila on the  20th of August. From the 17th of August she was having headaches increasing in intensity. From the 19th of August she also started having frequent vomiting. She talked with Sri Agnapushpanjal on the 19th of August night and by that time was literally in near fainting condition with the pains. Soon she was admitted to ICU under intensive care and was diagnosed with Subarchnoid hemorrhage. Initially the location was unable to be pinpointed, but repeated test pointed it to be at the most difficult location. It was centered above the spine head, deep inside the brain. There was a big area with aneurysm (bloated and thinned) from where the blood was leaking or oozing out in the brain. (Such aneurysm could have possibly existed from years back with her, maybe even from birth). To make the matter worst the secondary artery branching out from the main artery and distributing the blood to various area of brain was bifurcated (a rarest of rare case in entire human history) in this case….i.e., 2 arteries of only 1 mm diameter (imagine the wall thickness!!! It would certainly be less than 0.05 mm) instead of a single artery as normally happens in every individual. This was reported as a birth defect and any one or both the arteries were thinned at the meeting point of aneurysm area and they could have ruptured any time. It was catch 99 situations. Where to start or where to end.  It was a near death situation as the statistics have shown. The survival chances are very less in such cases (by conventional norms at least 40% succumb to this state and another 40% succumb within 4 weeks of the initial hemorrhage.) and that too with some residual physical handicap lifelong. It was a piquant situation as nothing could be really done about it due to the location of aneurysm and the bleeding which had stopped due to blood clotting, could have opened/restarted anytime if the clotting weakened/dried and fell off/dissolved or new areas developed. There were also serious chances that the aneurysm area ruptured (burst) leading to a fatal end. The blood pressure was fluctuating and had to be kept under control by strong medicines. The situation was like a time bomb ticking, in treating Doctors words. The conventional methods of handling such cases like endovascular or open brain surgery were too risky with at the most 30% chances of success with serious deficit risks even when considered with the best of any specialized surgeons of world class (if it were a condition of time-bomb when viewed from the aneurysm being there angle then it were also a condition of open pin grenade condition when viewed from the angle of any medical treatment). Doctors were consulted at Manila, South Africa, Singapore, Bangkok, every major city of INDIA and France (besides going across various possibilities in USA and UK), but no assurance of success was given more than 30%. Going through medical journals it was found out by the Doctors that there was only one Doctor in USA who had performed a similar operation through open brain surgery method, but it was a normal single secondary artery case where the risk involved was only half at the best.

The areas likely to be affected were (a) Memory (b) Eye sight (c) Hearing (iv) Breathing (v) Limbs (vi) Body control (vii) Speech (viii) Digestion (ix) Complete nervous system failure.

  • Brahma Sayta Healings : Sri Agnapushpanjal was requested by Gobind Sadhwani h/o Kanchan Sadhwani to take up the case on war footing. Through deep ultra-super delta consciousness meditative state (APJ and beyond it states) Sri Agnapushpanjal was able to reach the exact location of the problem. The problem was much more serious then what appeared initially. Apart from what was clinically observed, it was revealed that all the areas like (a) Memory (b) Eye sight (c) Hearing (iv) Breathing (v) Limbs (vi) Body control (vii) Speech (viii) Digestion (ix) nervous system were affected and the symptoms showed at physical body level also. Sri Agnapushpanjal rushed to Manila to be with the healee as a moral boosting measure not just for the patient, i.e, Kanchan but for the entire Sadhwani family who were going thru a highly depressing and stressful state. .

The methodology adopted in Brahma Sayta healings by Sri Agnapushpanjal was:

  • Strengthening of the artery wall.
  • Reduction of the aneurysm.

This was being done through cellular regeneration through spiritual process. That is new cells grow from the existing walls of the thinned and weakened arteries walls itself.  This is like a natural increase of strength and in permanent in nature hence the most safe and preferred method (and in all this due consideration was taken into account that the blood clot is just temporary in nature and something has to be done before it loses its any kind of life saving kind of state).

The intense healing required 14- 16 hours per day at a stretch for many days to start with, gradually reducing in time to 3-4 hours and now continues with support healings for 2 hours daily.

During this entire period Sri Agnapushpanjal was in complete solitude at Manila with ZERO disturbance from any quarters. Not even the family members in INDIA were allowed to communicate except for occasional text or chat or a rare phone call during the healing time. And even in evening or post healing time, Sri Agnapushpanjal met only those people with whom he was comfortable and confident that non-stressful environment would be maintained.  The entire Sadhwani family and also all those who were close to SBS and Sri Agnapushpanjal understood the gravity of the situation and wholly co-operated so that the needed environment be provided for these healings to be done. They all also had a very big role to play because the high order of peace without any external disturbances to affect Sri Agnapushpanjal was required to be maintained stretched over such a long period of time.

Initial test (after the healings) on 8th October showed that the aneurysm still existed but in this past month or so the healee has improved so much from a near vegetable state that it is being considered as a miracle. Apparently she is almost back to her normal self with signs of deterioration in areas like (a) Memory (b) Eye sight (c) Hearing (iv) Breathing (v) Limbs (vi) Body control (vii) Speech (viii) Digestion (ix) nervous system etc has been restored with only a slight limp in the left leg remaining, which will gradually go with time and healings. The family has regained it’s confidence and now both the healee and the family have decided that they wont go for the option of operation and rather stick to further healings. They had seen near death situation from a very close quarter and now see a new hope without the implied risks. The smiles are back on the faces.

  • My (Deepak Bisen) Personal Comment : The Brahma Sayta healing witnessed during the past month have been mind boggling at the least. The intensity experienced by the healer, healee and above all the closely associated persons in Brahma Sayta or the soul family shook the entire BS world. The pains & discomfort, the emotions & fears, in short the conscious and the subconscious state of the healee was closely experienced by many in BS. I personally did not sleep for a month as I had been going myself through it all. Many times I felt as if I am living the life or the consciousness of the healee myself. BS in the last one month has grown by leaps and bound with many in BS have surpassed all their own growth rates for the last many years in this single one month. All this due to the sustained intense healings by Sri Agnapushpanjal. The Shiva energy forces (cold energy) have been activated and these Shiva forces are positive in nature or what we understand as Shubham and have the capacity to bring wellness and happiness in the entire BS world at much accelerated rates.

The healings phase witnessed a rare miracle in the form of emergence of a red BINDI (or a big dot) on the third eye of Sri Agnapushpanjal, which represented the merger of Shiva and Shakti energy, opening up the doors of unlimited possibilities and Siddhis (Sri Agnapushpanjal is one of those rarest of rare people worldwide who has the equal command on both these energies of Shakti and Shiva and this visible through the actually to be seen Bindi and Third-Eye formation on his ajna charka).

Before ending I would like to give one example of difficulties faced in these healings. In industries, say some pipe is ruptured or damaged, then we have valves to isolate the pipeline, stop the flow of fluid and then repair it by welding or patchwork. In this case the thickness of the pipe wall is sufficient to work upon. It makes the job so simple as there is a definite profile to the pipeline even in the damaged portion. In the Kanchan’s case, the pipeline (arteries) are very thin and the wall is negligible. It is like a polyethylene pipe, with negligible wall thickness and having thinned out/ damaged at a spot or an area. If this damage is in a ballooning kind of shape, then how do you repair it, without stopping the flow of fluid i.e. blood. When the healing started the first major hurdle was how to stop the blood leakage i.e. to plug it and how to clear the already leaked out blood, so that it does not get clot on the brain cells, as it would cause severe discomfort. The first part was handled by ensuring that blood got clotted at the right places, i.e. to arrest the blood leakage and making these clots stand. The second part was handled by evaporating the extra leaked out blood from the brain itself. Now this required alternate initiated flows of Shiva and Shakti energies of the highest order. Extremely powerful Shakti energies (hot in nature) were used to evaporate the extra leaked out blood and Extremely powerful Shiva Energies were unleashed (cold in nature but most positive in nature also) to give a cooling affect and retaining the clots at the right places.

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