Brain Stroke

Testimonial Shared On Facebook Page: on 4th January 2015

By Sandeep Bisen

IBM, Pune

Mob No. +91 75079 14466

Sharing my experience with the professional healings from Deepak Hardikar.

One of my very close relatives suffered a Bi- Thalamic stroke of the brain couple of months back (end of September 2014). From the beginning – in fact before even the medical treatment had started- DH’s healings were requested.

The case was at Ruby Hall, Pune and the head of neuro could not suppress the look of pessimism when he first saw the patient.

The patient has now made 80% recovery. Every time we meet the doctor for follow ups he mentions that the patient made a miraculous recovery since such cases remain weeks/months in coma like sleep in most cases and have significant deficits.

This patient was conscious and awake in 3 days.

Through out the crisis DH provided healing updates and progress which went a long way in instilling confidence in the family.

I strongly believe what is termed as ‘miracle’ by the doctor is the positive effects of DH s healings. Thanks.

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