Break Thy Stress – Empower Thy Goal

Break Thy Stress – Empower Thy Goal

A Stress Management Workshop for Corporates

This is a two day workshop that is ideal for management cadre. It creates a very effective shift in stress management. This enables handling of stress in the simplest of all manners, ie, it provides an easy way of stress handling without getting stressed over the intricate brain taxing methods of handling stress.

That is not all. It is not just about stress management. It creates a massive shift by bringing in the empowerment of goal. Not just is the stress handled, in doing so, even the goal manifestation is objectively realised. This is a two-in-one benefit in square mode benefiting both the participating manager as well as the principal corporate.

With this program, we bring about a remarkable shift in the very approach of stress management. Most of the existing stress management programs are principally psychology based involving quite a lot of brain taxing methods. Such programs ultimately lead to creation of more stress over a period of time due to heavy involvement of brain work. In short, the brain that is already stressed is subjected to more stress with these kind of stress management programs.

Our approach is drastically different. We make no use of brain. That is we give brain it’s much deserved freedom. We shift the subject of stress management from the mind level to the body level following the principles of ‘aham brahmasmi’. We also generate a mechanism of easy release of accumulated stress.

To add to this, we do not just stop at this point. We move ahead to even take the program further into the realms of empowering the manifesting of goals. And all of this is achieved in a simplest of all manner as if a child is at play. That is the ultimate beauty of our years of practical research.

As, one of the Vice-Presidents in a renowned corporate expressed after adopting our program – ” I had only heard it before, but now, I have experienced that the best results are attained out of simple methods”.

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