Fracture Emergency

In April 2012, I was travelling from jaipur to Ajmer. At the railway station while going  down the stairs, I slipped. I kept falling and the iron lining on each stair kept hitting my backbone very badly. I had bags in both my hands, and it didn’t occur to me to leave those and help myself. I slipped along 7-8 stairs and couldn’t stand up.  I knew that I had a fracture in my back.
First thing I thought of was to call Mr. Deepak Hardikar,  my mentor and teacher, told him the situation and requested him for healing.

Few people had to help me to board the train. I was in severe pain. For the whole journey I kept lying down,  not being able to move. When we reached Ajmer,  I made an effort to get up and I felt that the pain was much less. And to my surprise I was even able to walk on my own out of the station. I was really surprised that when we reached home I even climbed the stairs. I received a call from Deepak ji, to ask about how I was feeling. Upon  asking him he told me that one bone had a crack and he had healed it. He told me to go for an x-ray. I did,  and all was normal.
This incident, I can’t forget for the rest of my life.

Manisha Sahijwani

Mob No. +91 96800 00635

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