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A few days prior to this knowing of happening, on the 13th April, I started having a strange experience. I noticed that while driving, even though I felt that I was driving properly, the car was moving more to the right side. I thought I was having some vision problem and got the eye tested. There was a minor long-sightedness problem. Then on 15th, I noted that suddenly in a flash it would be such that I would lose all vision and bump into something while moving or walking. I also noticed that even while walking, I was walking more to the right diagonal direction instead of straight walk. At this point, I started having a headache also. So i consulted another ophthalmologist who clarified to me that this was not an eye problem and he suspected a neurological problem. The same evening on being scanned, it was revealed that I had a recent brain haemorrhage and in that my left eye vision had been damaged. I was supposedly unable to have any half vision from the left eye and hence the problems. I was advised immediate hospitalisation as it was a serious condition and I needed immediate medical attention but I went home because all this was a kind of a shocker to me.

I rested the day at home and kept thinking upon what had happened. Many thoughts were continuously going on in my head which were not there earlier and all these were not relating to the ailment but were of other kind. I was basically stressed out now thinking about the time to come ahead and discharging my responsibility. My family also had gone into a big tension on hearing all this.

The next morning, 16th April 2010, after breakfast, I got stressed up suddenly over some family communication over my health and this worked me up rapidly. I left the scene of family discussion for a while and returned back in silence. The next thing that I remember is that I saw myself as falling down from standing position. I later learnt that I had collapsed at that time.

When my eyes opened, I found myself in a strange unfamiliar room. The eyes closed again. When opened again I found myself in a hospital and some doctor was around me. The eyes closed again. After that I remember that I was having a proper consult with the doctor. The doctor was explaining me that I had a brain haemorrhage and that I would require treatment even though I was lucky to survive this stroke. I was nodding and asked him what the date was. He said it was the 17th April 2010. I thanked the doctor to attend to the emergency. On the 18th April 2010, I requested him to discharge me now that I was back in sense now. My request was out of norm of standard medical practice and was refused. On the 19th April, I insisted to be discharged upon self risk and was discharged.

I returned back home on the 19th April 2010 and continued to take the prescribed medicines. I was happy to be back at home but was very weak and could experience instability in a lot of area like vision, speech, walk, etc. After some recovery I took second opinion upon my state of condition.

While I had shut myself down from the outside world and focusing upon self healing, I was also very tense regarding the future which was very uncertain. I was advised to rest, not work, not drive and all. My mind was not stable and hence healing was also a big struggle for me. I knew what was required from healing; how to heal; also knew that what I could do myself could not be done by my own followers and supporters. Yet it was an uphill task. And to add was the continual standard medical pressure of do and do not’s that one’s family would ensure.

I was able to travel for the second medical consult in a faraway place as I did not want the next consult from the same area in the 3rd week of May 2010. This consult happened to be a turning point to me. He was at first surprised that I was lucky enough to survive the stroke without much damage. I was again scanned here and the scan showed some improvements from the earlier scan. The discussion with this neurologist was very positive as he was aware of spiritual healing. He was frank enough to admit that medical science could not reverse the effect and it was just a damage control measure for them here on. He did advise me to take the same precautions as was already advised but asked me to definitely do a turn-around healing if I could.

Well, the result, that started from July 2010 and kept improving

  • I am still very much alive and kicking
  • I am driving car
  • I am travelling alone
  • I am working
  • I am continuing to do healings to help other needing people
  • I am able to support my family for their needs

And, my instructions are very clear to the website admin –

Put the date of my death here on this page. when I finally die,

Till then, I am alive and kicking, not caring what am thought about or my approach is thought about, yet making a sincere attempt to awaken people to become self reliant in the field of spiritual healing as a mission of my life.

Frankly, however, I will admit here that there has been a slowing down of response speed of mine after the incidence. Also that I  understand that there is a permanent brain chemical secretion problem with me. At certain trigger points, I am still unable to manage as per social norms and have a tendency to blow out in a kind of inexplicable manner. But that is a very rare occurrence, which I know, the social circuit still cannot accept. Anyways, it is their problem, not mine.

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