Karmagini Yog


A Brahma Satya Vriddhi (Spiritual Healing) Method of Empowered Union of Divine Shakti

More Information On Karmagini Yoga:

 This is a divine spiritual healing system. Karma means ‘Deed’ and is pointing towards an activity of work. Thus Karma points towards steps undertaken towards righteous deeds. Agni means ‘Fire’ and is pointing towards the element of fire. Thus Agni points towards the form of eternal elemental witness that records the pure deed and presents it to the universal consciousness. Yoga means ‘Union’ and points towards the union of the three eternal elemental witnesses – ‘fire, air and water’.

Thus with this union, the recorded pious deed is presented in endorsed form and through the eternal state of agnapushpanjal. This is then offered to the universal consciousness in the form of selfless service. With this done, blessings from the divine consciousness flow in through the practitioner.

When Karmagini Yoga is employed, the dynamic energy of divine grace rapidly flows and spreads over the area where applied. A session of Karmagini Yoga healing normally takes about 3 – 7 minutes for a specific application and results are almost instantaneous on any physical pain applications.

This healing is highly effective for resolving any problems with quick practical effectiveness on a wide range of applications.


Background of its evolution:

The system evolved through a series of manifestation of miracles in the form of ‘Sindoor or Kumkum’ (vermilion) in a period of about 6 months. The method was fully activated with miraculous blessings attained again in the form of ‘Kumkum’ manifestation on hands and feet of Swati Hardikar through the grace of various Shakti forms. This method is based on the universal truth that all human beings need to fulfill their responsibilities honestly and efficiently and for the same they all need the dynamic grace flowing in their work.

This method is also based on the real existence truth that all women do need their husbands to prosper well for their own prosperity and all men do need their wives to prosper well for their own prosperity. Thus deep effects of mother and spouse love, affection and care are realized in the healing and with such all works move in the right direction in accelerated mode.

 What You Learn:

  • The method of self healing & healing others by touch and on long distance
  • The significance of “Vijay Tilak” and “Swipe”
  • The method of removing hurdles and obstacles & clearing negative energies
  • The method of healing situations and work place
  • The method of healing relationships
  • The method of creating a dynamic shield of protective energy


  • highly beneficial on problems like seasonal infections, bronchitis/asthma, arthritis, joint-pains, back-pains, spondylitis, slip-disc, sciatica, skin eczema or itching, etc;
  • very effective in removing any hurdles or obstacles;
  • highly useful and effective in creating expansion and growth in work and house or work place energy clearings;
  • very helpful in increasing self-confidence; is an excellent energizing tool.


How Can This Be Learnt

Ideal way to learn this is by attending in person a workshop conducted. As a minimum standard, this is a one full day workshop taking about 6 hours. Sufficient practicals are conducted in the workshop upon different applications.

Which Locations is this course Available

1. Mumbai, India

2. Pune, India

Can The Course Be Conducted at Other Locations

Yes it can be. For this, we require a coordinator at that location, who shall organise for space and a group of participants.

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