Panchamrit Mahima

Brahma Satya Panchamrit Mahima

A Divine Grace Moving In To Realized Flow of Active Benevolent Blessing

Panchamrit also signifies the state of five times the amrit state or it points towards the connection with the supreme consciousness state.

Mahima means ‘Amazing Miracle of the Lord’. Mahima points towards a blessing that is received from the lord and signifies that accepting and receiving this, one is liberated from all malefic resulting out of own or others deeds.

Thus Panchamrit Mahima signifies liberation from all malefic, and moving into auspicious in connection with supreme consciousness.

Whom does this benefit most?

  • Individuals who face frequent obstacles, struggles and hardships in anything and everything undertaken.
  • Individuals who continually experience that efforts made are not realized fruitfully or those who regularly face stiff opposition in any activity area.

Related Mythology:

In the greatest of all galactic wars of the post elixir emergence, Lord Vishnu (the preservation energy) finally evolved this process to reinstate harmony in universe. Even after the initial threats of Lord Vishnu’s very existence were neutralized, the entire functioning of universe was affected on account of this war between the positive and negative. The negative were not doing anything constructive having been trapped into own made resolutions for existence and were simply involved in disturbing the constructive functioning of positive through continual interference. This was all like a regular ego flash point. The positives were greatly disturbed because they were continually needed to overcome the resistance of the negatives. The negatives wanted respectful acknowledgement in cosmic co-existence. This was not possible until the negatives surrendered with their self confession. To this, the negatives were not willing on account of ego inflation and instead wanted to pressurize the positives to bow down and accept their superiority. Now this was impossible. The positives were taking steps to harmonize but every step was being negated by the negatives because it was not as per their laid specifications.

To this day in reality, everybody experiences this fact. Every individual takes own initiated reformative steps to overcome hurdles and obstacles, but so many times, these steps just do not seem to be sufficient and these hurdles and obstacles have overbearing weight on the individual. The individual has to toil many times harder to achieve a small positive result. There is hardly any happiness even after attaining the result because of the degree of intense labor put in it simply on account of the difficulties laid across all over the path. Hence this process was evolved by Lord Vishnu involving Lord Ganesha (the auspicious energy) in it. The process is so miraculous that all negatives present in the surrounding are by itself transformed into surrendering and supportive nature. In a mystic way, the negatives lose all their disturbing powers and become benevolent. Thus, all hurdles, obstacles and disturbances are removed from the path of working and work proceeds well. The negatives are scared of this process because this means they lose all their dominating powers. And any negative that does not wish to let go of this dominating power held with it avoids to come in any contact with this mahima.

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