Panchamrit Tirtha


This is a siddha divine healing modality of System Brahma Satya Vriddhi.

More information on Panchamrit Tirtha

Panch means ‘Five’. Panch points towards the five elements of universe, sky, air, fire, water and earth, all existing in co-existence everywhere. Panch also points towards the multiplication effect, that is five times. Panch also points toward a stature of wisdom capable of taking unbiased wise decision upon any situation.

Amrit means ‘Elixir of immortality or super consciousness link’. Panchamrit also signifies the state of five times the amrit state or it points towards the connection with the supreme consciousness state.

Tirtha means ‘Holy Offering Received from the Lord’. Tirtha points towards a blessing that is received from the lord and signifies that accepting and receiving this, one is liberated from all malefic resulting out of own deeds.

Thus Panchamrit Tirtha signifies liberation from all malefic, and moving into auspicious in connection with supreme consciousness.

When Panchamrit Tirtha is employed, such divine energies are affected in flow that wisely handles any imbalancing situation. With this happenning, in a mystic manner, the constricting and restrictive elements are fully controlled and transformed in an amazing manner such that these no longer are in any opposition to the work being done. Rather, these become themselves supporting. This method is recommended for practice to one and all because everybody needs this.

This harmonizing spiritual healing method is based on the universal truth that an auspicious start is most vital for any work that is executed. In short, this is an essential concept of ‘Well Begun is Half Done Already and Then Can Be Easily Done Fully’.

It strongly emphasizes that just being constructive and expansive oriented is not enough in the practical realms of real existence. The universe is not just about positive existence; there is an equal negative existence in universe. Where there is positive, the negative will definitely come in, whether one desires it or not.

And if one is not well prepared to handle the negative side of universe, one cannot expect long sustenance of positive side of universe.

This healing is highly effective for resolving any problems with quick practical effectiveness on a wide range of applications. This is also very effective in removing any hurdles or obstacles. This is very highly useful and effective in work and house or work place energy clearings. This spiritual healing method is very helpful in providing a quick relief to any pains and it additionally provides a typical shielding effect also from any infections or negativity. This is very effective in dissolving karmic hurdles and debts and this additionally creates openings in various fields providing strength and protection.

This is easy to learn and simple to practice. It can be used for healing self or healing others. This is a touch and non-touch process and can be employed over long distance. There are no pre-requisite qualifications needed to learn this.

A session of Panchamrit Tirtha healing normally takes about 10 – 15 minutes for a specific application and auspicious results are soon realized.

Background of its Evolution

This is also deeply and highly intricately connected with the ultimate form of Sagar Manthan. Panchamrit tirtha is an ultimate step beyond this churning of the ocean. This is not just preservative and protective, it is transformative as well and ultimately auspicious.

In the ultimate form of sagar manthan, the post elixir phase went totally out of control for the whole cosmos. There was total chaos in the universe as the demonic and divine forces merged integrated into each other and thus the ensuing post elixir war changed drastically. Now this was all a great war amidst each and every single oneness in connection with the super conscious state evolving of the amrit. Every single one became a demon and divine in union within oneself. Every single one was involved in this great war now for the kingdom of god.

But with whom was this war being fought so earnestly? Nobody was in a state of understanding this with high ego flying everywhere. Each and everybody was hurling and throwing at one another. There was a series of non-stop continuing criss cross transformation.

The destroyers were shifting into being preservators and then destroyers endlessly. The preservators were shifting into being destroyers and then preservators endlessly. The creators were endlessly creating preservators and destroyers in an attempt to harmonize this unstoppable phase for anybody. Not even the supreme consciousness himself was able to control this state at his will. The whole condition reached upto a condition of ultimate chaos for all and all reached a point of ultimate end of the whole cosmos with a pralaya state almost evolving within the destroyer and preservator states.

It was amidst all this that the preservator single handed evolved out this process of harmonizing each and everything and offered it to the auspicious form of cosmos so that everything transforms to auspicious thereon.

Trainings of this are presently available through the founder only.

Soon this shall be available through Deepak Bisen.

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