System Brahma Satya is principally about application of energy healing through distant healing. Distant Energy Healing Services are available backed up with an experience of over 15 years in this field. We are regularly attending to such healing requests for a number of complex and complicated cases besides the chronic health conditions.

As is evident from the various testimonials, we have a good track record in handling such cases and most of our clients are highly benefited with our healings. We do not impose any restrictions upon any other medication or therapy and neither do we advise anything on medical lines. Ours is a drugless method.

We have a specialization in handling cases that require minute and micro attention. For example –

  • hearing problems related to inner ear issues
  • emergency healings in problems related to brain haemorrhage
  • circulation improvements related to heart artery blockages
  • kidneys related
  • respiration improvements related to lungs strengthening
  • varicose veins related
  • sciatica related
  • back pains and spine related
  • joint pains
  • skin psoriasis related
  • osteoporosis
  • anything related to cellular regeneration or fine tissue repair related

We have a well trained team of healers having many years of experience. Besides the above, we also have many other unique and specialized services related to health and beauty.


We also handle cases related to matchmaking, relationships and business growth. We undertake energy clearing and restructuring assignments for home and office spaces too.


To avail these services, you have to book a package either in a minimum number of sessions or flat monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or annually.