System Brahma Satya covers a wide spectrum of trainings related to various energy healing streams. Education related to the whole spectrum of Brahma Satya is comparable to a complete university level of education in the energy healing field. It is imperative to understand that the system that commenced as a small form by the name Brahma Satya Reiki has grown into a huge form. This huge form and expanse of Brahma Satya itself the intensity of dedicated research and development put into it by its founder, Shri Deepak Hardikar.

Here, we are highlighting salient features of the various streams along with descriptions related to the entry levels of each of the relevant stream. Further information upon other courses in the same stream would be made available to the interested after doing the entry level.

More information relevant to each of the specific stream entry levels are provided separately in detailed manner so that those interested in learning may be benefited with more information.

Brahma Satya Riddhi:

In its very initial days of evolution in 1997, this stream was popularly known as Brahma Satya Reiki. Subsequently, as this stream developed further, it was renamed by its self evolved name of Brahma Satya Riddhi.

Riddhi is the foundation stream of Brahma Satya, It pertains to understanding the relevant spiritual theory of Energy Healing Science. Roots of this science go back into the reference of Brahma Vidya as referred in the Vedas. This stream is about the practical application of the concepts of Brahma Vidya.

Riddhi is an advanced method of energy healing science. It emphasises upon the importance of the involved processes in the handling of the universal core energy or the Brahma Prana, for the purpose of healing. Riddhi emphasises upon building a strong foundation on the subject of energy healing. It strongly believes that once the basic foundation is strongly laid, the subsequent growth of the individual in the energy healing field is properly facilitated. It works upon building strong concepts of healing.

This is a multi-tier level of learning stream with each higher level shifting the concepts to even greater depths of knowing. It is impertinent to know that system Brahma Satya makes no differentiation in touch and distant healing. Thus, energy healing education of Brahma Satya starts with distant healing itself and anything that it is learnt in distant healing is equally applicable to touch healing also.

There are four levels in Riddhi. The entry level is Brahma Satya Riddhi Level – 1 (foundation level).  Subsequent higher levels are Level -2 (practitioner level), Level -3 (spiritual level) and Level -4 (teacher level)


Brahma Satya Vriddhi:

This is a stream of Spiritual Healing and there are different modalities in it, This is an independent stream with its approach marked different than any other stream. One can make an entry into the world of Brahma Satya through this stream itself. However, in the science of energy healing, one needs to understand what is meant by spiritual healing or Vriddhi in Brahma Satya. The basic understanding of spiritual healing can be dawned upon only through the reference of the foundation stream of riddhi.

Riddhi stream is like a self development stream. It is a stream of gradual progress and development. Progress in it is like a tapasya and saadhna is the key to becoming a tapasvi. In other words, riddhi is like a tree that is growing. It has deep roots, it needs nourishment through water and soil as it grows taller and stronger.

Vriddhi or Spiritual Healing  is like the fruit that grows out of the tree of riddhi. These are evolvements out of spiritual attainments or the fruits of saadhna that the tapasvi attains. These fruits are available to anybody.

In context of Brahma Satya, its founder is like the original tree and those saadhakas who really went deep into the stream of riddhi are like the branches of this original tree. The original tree is like the Kalpataru or the divine tree and the saadhaka branches of this kalpataru. The speciality of this divine tree called kalpataru is that each of its branches flowers differently and yields a different fruit.

Thus, one can understand Brahma Satya Vriddhi or spiritual healing. Each of the different modality of spiritual healing is unique in its own sense like a unique fruit that emerges out of different branches of the Kalpataru.

There are different types of Brahma Satya Spiritual Healing methods. Each of its different kind is a single level spiritual healing method. That is, unlike the riddhi stream, the vriddhi stream of a particular type does not have any levels in it. Obviously, the fruit from a particular branch shall be the same.

There are limited trainers of these. Becoming a trainer of this stream is like a blessing that the saadhaka attained through his or her tapasya saadhna. Being declared as a trainer of Vriddhi is like being certified of being connected with the divine. And, this is not just any random process that initiates such. At that level, this is all endorsed by the higher spiritual world through the process of manifestations that mark the endorsement of the universe or Brahmaan.

Just as Brahma Vidya is the reference in context of the stream of Brahma Satya Riddhi, Brahma Sutra is the reference in context of the stream of Brahma Satya Vriddhi. It is the connection of the Brahma Sutra that manifests the universal endorsement, which then activates the process of that particular Vriddhi.

These methods are highly intense, and are working very deep and quite fast. Often, many report miraculous results soon after these methods are adopted. The working of this stream is unique in itself and bears no connection with the standard procedural methods of energy healing.

To the seeker of Vriddhi, important to note is the fact that it is indeed a blessing by itself to be able to reap benefits straightway of somebody else’s tapasya. This seeker, who can well be a fresh entrant to the energy healing field is eating the fruit that has evolved out of much hard word and time after weathering nature itself. This realisation and surrender is enough for the individual to excel in energy healing. By doing thus, the individual is not favouring anybody but oneself and this is so by self acknowledging that in past, this very individual must have surely done something good to have been blessed such a gift without any hard work.

Brahma Satya Vriddhi is like driving on an expressway, while Brahma Satya Riddhi is like driving on a four lane in a city.

The different types of Brahma Satya Vriddhi are:

  1. Karmagini Yog
  2. Swarnakshay Yog
  3. Sheshashri Yog
  4. Divya Sutra
  5. Jaivic Sutra
  6. Panchamrit Tirtha

The popular entry levels are karmagini Yog, Swarnakshay Yog and Panchamrit Tirtha.

More information relevant to each of the specific modality will be provided separately in detailed manner so that those interested in learning may be benefited with more information.


Brahma Satya Power Breath

Breath is Life. Anything and everything that is connected with an individual life is connected with the individual’s breath. The breath of an individual is a natural tool that is in continuous auto sync mode of 24 x 7.

Simply said, as be the breath, so be the life. This includes all areas like health, wealth, peace and happiness including the areas of family matters, real-estate, relationships, goals, ambitions, achievements, office or profession, education and career.

The concept is drawn in from ancient times. The system of Yoga uses the breath through its different modalities of pranayama. Buddha promoted the practice of Vipassana, which is nothing but managing the breath. The art of living promotes it through the mode of sudarshan kriya, which is managing the breath modulating it through rapid fluctuation modes.

Brahma Satya Power Breath is unique in the sense that it objectives connects the micro-breathing mode without getting into any dramatic presentation mode to the onlooker and gets to the practical application of realistic world and thus goes about toning and managing the breath in micro level through normal breathing mode.

These trainings are conducted only by Founder of System Brahma Satya.

Brahma Chaitanya

Brahma Chaitanya is a dynamic evolution of System Brahma Satya. With this evolution, the entire concept of healing has undertaken a transformative shift. The healings have become very easy, and yet the effects have multiplied many fold times. And the beauty of this form of training is that there is no initiation process involvement here. There is absolutely no theory concept here. It is all an automatic happening. This happens with the establishing of a direct connect between the individual and the cosmic consciousness in the presence of the trainer being there as a witness to this happening.

Through these trainings, there is an awakening of this super consciousness and its connection with the individual. It is through this learning that an individual is well connected with the supreme cosmic consciousness. And through this connection, the very life of the individual is transformed. It is through this learning that the whole universal consciousness backs up the ground moving of the individual.

Literally meaning, the individual takes the progressive steps on earth, and the whole universal consciousness supports this moving of the individual. Thus all efforts that are made by the individual are well realized in reality.

These trainings are conducted only by Founder of System Brahma Satya.

Brahma Satya Mudras

This stream of Brahma Satya connects with the ancient origin of mudras through the power of Shakti. This is an ancient science of elements that is easy to learn and practise. This is of great benefit to children and helps a lot in their overall development.

Brahma Satya Dhyaana

This stream is all about healing meditations. There are some general healing meditations and some highly specific healing meditations that reach to address a particular area of healing requirement.