These consultations form the basis for all those who approach with the objective of getting empowered for handling a situation that is looked to be addressed. The most common areas for which these consultations are saught are concerning situations that relate to severe chronic or critical health condition, difficulties related to business or career, inclarity related to making a choice related to education field or business partnerships or love compatability. Besides these common areas, there could also be some highly specific area that is not listed above.

The consultations are provided using a combination analysis of different methods of analysing. These being vedic astrology, ramal shastra, tarot reading and micro-vibration analysis.

Distance is not a barrier for this and these consultations can be availed by anybody from anywhere.

Vedic Astrology: This is done on the basis of horoscope charts. For this the required details are date of birth, time of birth and place of birth.

Ramal Shastra: This is done on the basis of special dice set or a combination set of four random numbers. This does not require other details as required in astrology reading.

Tarot Reading: This is done through a Tarot Card deck. Here too, birth details are not required.

Micro-Vibration Analysis: This is done through special meditatively interpreting the prevailing natural energy vibrations.

These consultations are very useful in making an appropriate decision as regards the way of handling the situation to be addressed. The guidance provided is crisp and clear, with feasible options of further action also advised so as the solution desired is objectively approached.

Our objective is to provide an insight to allow the individual make the right decision or right choice in the situation faced. We have a full fledged support system for all directions that could emerge of these consultation.

For the willing, we encourage to learn the appropriate method and address their situation by themselves with support being extended through us.

For those who wish us to extend our services to resolve the situation, we have complete arrangement for the same.