Ramal Shastra

Ramal Shastra Chart

Ramal Shastra Chart

This is an ancient Indian system of analysing the situation with major priority given to the current situation. Roots of this system go into mythology when Lord Shiva revealed this method to Goddess Parvati. But over the passage of time, this system lost it’s significance and importance in India.

This was later taken up by the mid-east world. And thereon, this is known to be based upon the Arabic system of analysis through geomancy method. In Indian history, the mughal rulers used this method a lot. One of the greatest Ramal Masters was supposedly Birbal who prominently became Emperor Akbar’s most important consulting guide and minister of prominence.

This gives an upfront revelation upon present happenings and   the effects emerging. It also gives a clear direction of approach   to be taken to resolve the situation under consideration. It  also  indicates upon the success and failure rates of the  resolution  that is thought of. It gives a reasonable estimate on the time  that is involved in effecting the solution.

We use this method for analysing and assessing the situation so that we may then provide according guidance.

What we need as input to provide the guidance is:

1. Name of the person for whom guidance is saught

2. Approximate age and gender of the person

3. Specific list of queries (not exceeding a maximum of 3)

4. Randomly chosen four numbers between 1 and 100 for the person for whom guidance is saught.

5. Preference mode of solution to the situation that needs be addressed, like for example, gemstone guidance, amulet, special kriyas, recommended healing, recommended course of learning.

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