Riddhi Level – 1

Brahma Satya Riddhi evolved in 1997 as an extension of reiki. The energy used in healing is the Universal Core Energy called as the Shiva-Shakti energy in Brahma Satya. It marks a huge shift in the healing world as this completely dissolves the need of beginning to learn healing from just simply touch healing. It also dissolves the prevailing concept of need of any symbol for distant healing. In a sense, Riddhi literally begins from a level of inclusion that is of much higher levels in conventional reiki.

Riddhi is a 9 chakra system and the basic elementary theory relevant to all the chakras and aura is covered in its basic level itself. Touch and long distance healing is covered in this basic level itself. Emphatic focus is kept upon building fundamentals of spiritual healing in such a manner that the participant learns a clear concept of energy healing.

Entire Riddhi is based upon a single universal symbol and two mantras. These are handed over to the participant in the basic level itself. In Riddhi, there is no concept like a master symbol, distant healing symbol, obstacle removal symbol or power amplifying symbol.

In this learning, the participant receives an attunement from the trainer, addressed in Brahma Satya as a Teacher, to activate all the chakras. With this activation, the participant, then becomes a channel of the universal core energy or Shiva-Shakti.

What One Learns in Riddhi Level 1:

  • Universal Principles of Brahma Satya
  • Understand deeply the Universal Core Energy – Shiva-Shakti
  • Brahmadeep Meditation
  • Complete knowledge of the 9 chakras
  • Complete knowledge of the aura
  • Methods of self healing
  • Methods of healing for others
  • Different Distance healing methods
  • Methods for Manifesting Intent
  • Group Healing Method

 Applications of Learning:

  • Treatments of self and/or others (including plants and animals) for physical ailments or emotional/mental traumas, acute or chronic, by touch or by absentee methods over any distances.
  • Increasing the body’s resistance to any ailments or pains.
  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Remove emotional and mental blocks
  • Achieve peace and happiness
  • Enhance creativity and relaxation
  • Fulfill your potential
  • Receive the strength needed to face your challenges
  • Achieve every goal that you set for yourself
  • Clarity of thought, speech and action
  • Balancing your energy
  • Awakening Spiritual growth
  • Manifesting intentions.
  • Healing of house and workplace
  • Healing relationships
  • Healing astrological influences

How Can This Be Learnt

Ideal way to learn this is by attending in person a workshop conducted by authorised trainer. As a minimum standard, this is a one full day workshop taking about 8 hours. The participant can well opt for an extended workshop, that is, take a two day workshop.

Benefit of a two day workshop is that each of the concept of energy healing that is taught in a one day workshop is given adequate practical practise in the second day. Thus, when the participant does all the practicals of the concepts, the knowledge is fully absorbed practically as well.

After the completion of the course, the trainer hands over the certification of this course.

Which Locations is this Live Course Available

1. Mumbai, India

2. Pune, India

3. Ajmer, India

Can The Course Be Conducted at Other Locations

Yes it can be. For this, we require a coordinator at that location, who shall organise for space and a group of participants.

Can The Course Be Learnt Over Internet

Yes, it can be learnt over internet. Attunement is done over long distance at a mutually agreed predetermined time. Instructions are given in advance to the participant to receive the attunement from the comfort of their own place.

After the attunement is completed, the training manual is sent by email. The participant can study and practise. Support is available and questions relevant to doubts or clarifications of this training are made available.

Once the trainer is satisfied through a test that the participant has absorbed the training practically, the certificate of training is mailed to the participant.

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