Brahma Satya Riddhi

Brahma Satya Riddhi – (Knowledge of Universal Truth)

Happiness…Peace….Spiritual Awakening…..Material Prosperity… These are just some of the things that that every individual aims to achieve. All this and more is possible through System Brahma Satya through its stream of learning of Brahma Satya Riddhi.

The Vision of Brahma Satya Energy Healing is to improve the quality of life and bring forth happiness through healing, consultations, guided meditations and training workshops related to body healing, mind evolution and soul ascension.

This system emerged from the cosmos through its founder Deepak Hardikar, in the year 1997, and Brahma Satya Riddhi is the core, the first and foremost energy healing workshop of this unique and dynamic system.

Dealing with Spiritual Science, Riddhi is a Process driven path of learning. Consisting of in-depth knowledge of energy work, this workshop gives you a deep understanding of what universal energy is, how it works and what it can do for you. It consists of four levels which take you from the most basic self-healing to working with vibration to becoming a competent healer, able to handle each and every problem connected with all aspects of life.

The best thing is that just a one or two (for extended practical sessions within the workshop) day level 1 workshop is enough to activate healing energies strong enough to handle all issues.

Level 2 however, takes you further into a deeper understanding through vibrations and balancing. One becomes eligible for Level 2 only after completing elementary practise of Level 1 so as to be conversant sufficiently with energy healing. Without this, one would not be taken to Level 2. This level enables one to make a huge shift into the world of vibrations. With this level, one progresses to become a much developed healer, understand the role of vibrations in the process of balanced healings and also raise the level of monitoring tools on the very process of healing. One becomes a Practitioner Healer in a literal sense, with this level.

Level 3 awakens a spiritual awareness from the very core of your being, and teaches advanced healing techniques that allow you to become a more effective healer. One is able to understand exactly when the energy works upon the physical, emotional and spiritual levels. One becomes a Spiritual Healer in a literal sense, with this level. This can be done only after sufficient progress has been made through practise of Level 2 and under guidance of the training teacher.

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