Krish Wellness

KRISH WELLNESS Harmoniously Blends Modern Day Logical Approach, Ancient Healing Art & Spirituality. It’s Mission is to generate awareness to creating a better life using the concepts of the energy healing healing method of Brahma Satya. Proprietor of this firm is Deepak Hardikar, founder of System Brahma satya, who is deep follower of the Krishna Consciousness path. All of its work scope is wholly connected with the spectrum of System Brahma Satya only.

It functions principally providing practical application training and services relating to health, career. education, relationship, residence or office space suitability, business growth, family or other related problems using the concepts of System Brahma Satya. It integrates the use of modern day logical and tangible approach along with ancient spirituality and alternative healing therapies and healing products in a manner such that a safe, quick and stable result emerges to the user. It provides a holistic approach that attends not just the body, but the mind and soul as well.

Guiding consultation is provided through the methods of Traditional Astrology, Ramal Shastra, Tarot Reading and Micro-Vibration Analysis. These consultations are highly specialised and accurate and to the point. It helps an individual understand the situation prevailing and thus take according decisions. In short, this is not fortune telling. Here, we address real issues and guide upon practical solutions.

Support backup is available to the seeker to avail our services to resolve any of the related situation concerning health, business, career, relationship issues, education of children, negative energy clearings, chakra balancing, etc.

Specialised services are provided over long distances through meditative and prayer modes. Thus, these beneficial services are available even to those who cannot make it in person. A full-fledged trained and dedicated team attends to these long distance requests in a professional manner. There are many reports of quick benefits to such a service.

For an interested group, training or service visits of Brahma Satya Founder and other Certified Trainers can be arranged.


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