System Brahma Satya

System Brahma Satya – A Shiva-Shakti Energy Healing Method

To Heal the Body, Mind and Soul

Enlightened and empowered through the Universal Core Energy (Shiva-Shakti), Deepak Hardikar (Spiritual name – Agnapushpanjal) founded a platform through which this unique energy could be brought up to the world for its beneficial use. The platform, founded in 1997, is named System of “Brahma Satya” or System of “The Universal Truth”. System Brahma Satya provides a practical applied approach to spiritual science in the field of health, wealth, relationship, career, education, negative energy clearing, success, peace and happiness.

This is highly popular with educated segment on account of its simplicity and result oriented approach without any side effects. The applications look deeply into the applied spiritual mechanics evolving from ancient Indian origin. Subjects taken up relate to body healing, mind evolution and soul ascension. The spiritual methods can heal acute or chronic diseases, stress and tensions, emotional and mental disturbances, karmic fields, relationships, ancestral dimensions, space energies, planetary effects, events and even objects.

The system improves quality of life and brings forth happiness by making means available through healing and consulting services, guided meditations and energised spiritual products for healing acute, chronic and incurable conditions; transfers practical utility knowledge through training workshops to interested groups; and, paves the path towards self-realization through spiritual enlightenments for the deeply interested.

Besides different places in India, Brahma Satya Workshops have been conducted in the Netherlands, Austria, Hong Kong and Philippines. Corporates are also showing interest in the system because of its analytical and scientific approach in the spiritual field with precise processes to handle work stress, improve cohesive harmony in workforce, enhance dedication to work objectives and improve productivity with minimal disturbances. The workshops and services are ideal to meet the growing demand of interest in applied spirituality, besides providing a useful mean of stress management. Thus these have great potential in corporate sector or weekend pleasure retreats.

Brahma Satya workshops and services have immense scope globally as it very precisely reaches out to meet the rising demands of the modern society over a wide spectrum of individual interests and needs.

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