Specific Meditations

Meditation for Stomach Function Improvement

Stomach is a major body part that is involved in health maintenance of the whole body. Simple fact of life is that if digestion and excretion systems are maintained properly, the health is well maintained.

The three doshas of Vaata (gastric), Pitta (acidic) and Kafa (cough/mucous) originate from the stomach. When these doshas are managed properly, it is natural that health shall be good.

The meditation is specially designed by Brahma Satya to handle this.

Each and every individual needs this meditation.

Meditation for Breathing Function Improvement

This is specially designed to improve the breathing and respiration system. This is of good benefit to people who have respiratory disorders like breathlessness tendency, asthma, sinus, etc.

Meditation for Stress Relieving

This is specially designed to handle and release off accumulated stress. It rejuvenates the brain. It is also beneficial in handling issues of hypertension.

Meditation for Circulation Improvement

This improves circulation in whole body. It rejuvenates the heart. Everybody needs this.

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