Swarnakshay Yog


A Brahma Satya Vriddhi (Spiritual Healing) Method of Empowered Union of Highest Divine Levels of Veiled Imaging

More Information On Swarnakshay Yog


Swarnakshay means an endless flow of gold that is uniquely transparent by nature. The spiritual healing method of Swarnakshay Yog evolved over a period of two years through the grace that flowed through the consciousness of Sage Vashishtha that chose Sherina Tanwani as a medium of its emergence.

This is a divine healing system. As an endorsement of this process, there was an emergence of golden water drops salty in taste, sweet honey drops and a differently tasting oil drops at three different locations. It’s roots go into the realms of formation of Brahma Dravya, that is eternal and all fulfilling in nature having miraculous powers of transformation contained in it.

Yog means ‘Union’ and points towards the union of the two eternal powers of primal energy, that being, the Shiva and the Shakti creating the uniquely bonded eternal power of the Shiva-Shakti. This shiva-shakti is self contained and empowered from within with the primary shiva powers of creation, sustenance, destruction and propulsion and  with the primary shakti powers of domination, protection, knowledge and compassion. Thus with this union, the recorded pious deed is presented in endorsed form and through the eternal state of agnapushpanjal in the creation of the medium that moves to transform. This is then offered to the universal consciousness in the form of selfless service. With this, blessings flow from the divine consciousness in through the practitioner.

When Swarnakshay Yog is employed, the dynamic energy of divine grace rapidly flows and spreads over the area where applied. A session of Swarnakshay Yog healing normally takes about 10 – 15 minutes for a specific application and results that are in emerging are experienced during the session on any application, which then goes into the time frame of manifestation in actuality.

This healing is highly effective for resolving any problems with quick practical effectiveness on a wide range of applications.

Background of its evolution:

One has to go into the references available through the Vedas and the Mahabharata to understand the significance of evolution of Swarakshay Yog. Vedas mention the presence of Brahma Dravya and also about the polarization of eternal forces pointing towards a need of cohesiveness of these very forces in achieving even the unachievable. Similarly, Pandavas supposedly had the Akshay Patra gifted to them, which provided them with an endless supply of requirements during their toughest period spent in forest and hiding.

The common thing here to be noted is that in the process of writing of the Vedas, Rishi Muni Vyasa was in tears and even the Pandavas were in tears when going through the turmoil phase. Thus evolved the savior in the form of Vedas and Akshay Patra.

It was the tears of love and pain that created created Swarnaksha and Rudraksha, that lead into the creation of the Bhavishya Shakti and Bhoota Shakti. Swarakshay incorporates both into itself. And it further creates the emergence of Swarakshara, or the miraculously supreme transformative words.


What You Learn

  • A powerful method of healing self and others through a process of sheer transformation
  • Significance of Akshay Patra and Swarna Dravya
  • The power of Swarnakshara
  • The transformative power of Swarnakshay



  • Useful for skin toning, skin softening and skin whitening
  • It is good for anti-aging
  • Useful for emerging out of any situation of difficulty and moving purposefully towards goal
  • Useful on skin pigmentations
  • Useful for stress relieving
  • Useful in any situation of distress
  • Useful for cellular restructuring

How Can This Be Learnt

Ideal way to learn this is by attending in person a workshop conducted. As a minimum standard, this is a one full day workshop taking about 6 hours. Sufficient practicals are conducted in the workshop upon different applications.

Which Locations is this course Available

1. Mumbai, India

Can The Course Be Conducted at Other Locations

Yes it can be. For this, we require a coordinator at that location, who shall organise for space and a group of participants.

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