Tarot Reading

Tarot Card Astrology

Tarot Card Astrology

This is a popular method of analysing in the western world. This is done by a special deck of cards that provide indication to directions emerging as per the current situation. This is based upon the Western system of analysis through the  Tarot Cards.

This gives an upfront revelation upon the situation and also    indicates upon the directions that are in emerging. This also    gives an indication for the corrections that the individual    facing the situation needs to address and change at own level    so as to effect the correction in totality.

It emphasises the point that for a solution to a problem,  corrections should also be effected by the person facing the problem.

What we need as input to provide the guidance is:

1. Name of the person for whom guidance is saught

2. Approximate age and gender of the person

3. Specific list of queries (not exceeding a maximum of 3)

4. Preference mode of solution to the situation that needs be addressed, like for example, gemstone guidance, amulet, recommended healing, recommended course of learning.

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