Healing of New Borns

Special Healing Reports

Professional Healing Reports: Healer: Deepak Hardikar – reported on 13 January 2015

Both cases of patient at Aditya Birla Super Speciality Hospital ICCU, Pune.

Case I:
One week premature baby on ventilation as right from birth with delivery complications, put on total ventilation. Lungs very weak. Medically unsure case, when approached.

Consultation for case evaluation was taken up first. Emergency period was identified. Case of severe planetary effects at birth time were noted.

Intense multi combination healing was commenced immediately along with kriyas to pacify planetary effect of jupiter being malefic at birth. This was a 5 day intense process.

By 6th day, baby activity started and ventilation removal process commenced as per medical protocols.

Baby and mother united now on 10th day.

Sanjiv Kumar

Mob No. +91 99875 13086

Case II:

22 day baby on ventilation right from birth. Small hole in heart.

Pre consultation revealed that the parents had approached just in nick of time. Anything could have happened in next 3 days. Parents were appraised on the situation. They were bit confused as medical advise was not in this line. However, they agreed to the healing suggestion given.

Parents who had no background of energy healing were taught Divya-tirtha immediately and advised to keep doing it non-stop alternating between mother and father. Initial session was done in the divya-tirtha training itself and the diya went on for over 7 hours, which was by itself very surprising to the parents as normally the diya could not have supposed to stretch over an hour.

Special multi combination healings were commenced for a 3 day period.

The very next day on healing start, suddenly an infection in blood was diagnosed as pure and impure blood was getting mixed due to heart problem. The situation had become serious. The second day, some problem developed in ventilation and air accumulation was noted. Left lung of baby stopped working. This was removed out and it took a while before the lung started working again.
4th day, some stabilisation started coming.
Healings have been extended by another 5 days, which is ongoing. Divya-tirtha is also still continuing by parents.
Now, phased removal of ventilation has commenced and baby is responding well taking own natural breaths.

Another round of different kriyas were commenced after another week. Intense healings continued over a period of one month. The baby gradually improved and is now discharged and united with the family and doing good.

Parents have been advised to both learn Karmagini Yog as the baby shall need healing support until the age of 13 years.

Ankush Sharma

Mob No. +91 77989 85881

Energy Healing Fact:

Babies and small children respond very well and fast to healing.
With age, the mental resistance increases due to various factors and healing energy has to overcome these resistances in the process. This is the factor of deceleration in healing world.

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