Kidney Failure

Year: 2006

Healee: Rajeiv KaranĀ (*name altered) from Manila, Philippines

Healer: Deepak Hardikar


It was an emergency. A case of failure of both kidneys. Transplant was advised as early as possible. To add to the problem was severe diabetes and hypertension. The best of medical attention was at a handicap and time was running short for the case to go out of all control.

I was called as an emergency and intense healings were started. Gradually, the parameters came in control and the case could go through the kidney transplant.

Even after the transplant, time and again, the healing services were availed as a supportive backup.

With all this in place, from a position of little hope, the case had a literal life extension of around 7 years.

* The healee made a transition in 2014. RelativesĀ Mob No. can be made available on request.

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