Vaibhav Lakshami

Brahma Satya Vaibhav Laxmi

Special Divine Blessing From The Giver of Prosperity

Significance: Vaibhav points towards ‘Magnificence’ and Lakshmi points towards ‘Abundance’. Thus Vaibhav Lakshmi implies Magnificent Abundance. Simply explained, with this process, Goddess Lakshami moves it all such that Lord Balaji showers his abundance grace. The process is like a key to open the doors for Lords Balaji’s entry in your world, that is, with this energy prayer done, prosperity comes in.

Whom does this benefit most?

  • Self employed individuals seeking divine blessings for more growth and prosperity to their work.
  • Shops or Business Places that seek divine blessings for more growth and prosperity through a raise in sales and profit in their work.

Mythology Related With Lord Balaji:

Lord Balaji involved himself in work related to removing sufferings of weak people. In this work, he was always in shortage of wealth. No matter what he put in, it always seemed to be insufficient for the cause taken up.

Lord Kuber, the yaksha lord of wealth learnt about this and unconditionally offered help to Lord Balaji. The yakshas who mediated told this to Balaji and asked him as to what amount shall he need so that his work can continue smoothly for a period of one year. Balaji told them the minimum amount needed and enquired if this amount was possible to be had unconditionally. He also made it very clear that any amount below the minimum was of no use to him and he better not take it if this were to be such. The yakshas promised to ensure this. It was communicated to Balaji that since the amount was huge, it could not be given at one time. But it would be given in three installments. Balaji agreed to this and graciously accepted it.

With this help, Balaji’s work started to move ahead at brisk pace. But, some confusions evolved out of self appointed Yaksha observers as they wished for certain specific favors for themselves. But Balaji did not approve of such an approach. This antagonised the yakshas and the promised flow of wealth was halted for one or other reasons. This put Balaji under heavy pressures because he had already incured planned expenditures needed for the faster work progress in anticipation of the funds availability. He had to arrange for a steady flow of wealth or else the whole project would fall off. The yakshas were unconcerned about the project in any manner. They were concerned only about getting what they wished for.

Still Balaji somehow managed to keep the work going ahead and soon a condition started emerging that was to his satisfaction. But then again something happenned that suddenly caused heavy damages upon Balaji’s work. Balaji was devastated by these damages. And he came to know the reasons regarding these damages being inflicted. He was deeply hurt on this knowing. He knew that Kuber surely did not have knowledge of such happennings that were caused.

Thus for Balaji, this unconditional help from Lord Kuber transformed into a form of debt without any knowledge of such to Lord Kuber himself. Lord Balaji was in no condition to return this financial debt to Lord Kuber. But this was enough to change Balaji’s very nature. He declared it openly to the world that he has taken a huge loan amount from Lord Kuber and he would hence now onwards collect wealth so as to accumulate enough wealth to square off this returnable debt in unlimited time frame.

When Kuber heard of this, he personally came to clarify issues and consoled Balaji that there was no debt. But Balaji refused to agree. He explained to Kuber that he should understand things not from Kuber angle but from Balaji angle. Kuber understood that a lot of hurt was caused. But he still wanted to help Balaji and this time not by involving any other yaksha in between. So he proposed to Balaji that let him stay in this devasthanam. So that just by his presence, wealth shall pour here and this would help Balaji to square off his believed debt, whatever be that amount. Balaji agreed to this and thanked Kuber for his generosity. And Kuber continues to stay with Balaji ever since. As Kuber stayed here, his yakshini also followed and stayed without putting any conditions or manipulations. Thus everything became benevolent as the cause of trouble was dissolved by itself.

Since then, Lord Balaji keeps becoming your work partner keeping his eyes closed as regards the nature of your work and takes a profit sharing from you so as to also accumulate wealth for himself. And since then Lord Balaji is universally considered at the giver of prosperity. With his blessings, he gives wealth to his devotees and keeps a share with himself.

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