Vedic Astrology

We follow the Indian method of astrology to provide guidance. Here, we need to emphasise that we are not fortune tellers and nor are we in the profession of making any kind of astrology reading for you. Our purpose of applying the knowledge of vedic astrology is very specific, and that is, to assess the planetary affect in the running time frame upon the issue that is required to be attended. Making an assessment with this objective, we then move towards formulating a solution that would address the situation in question.

What we need as an input from the one seeking guidance is:

1. Name of the person for whom guidance is saught

2. Full Date of birth of the person (date, month and year)

3. Time of birth of the person (standard time as applicable for the country and not daylight saving time)

4. Place of birth including nearest district place, province and country

5. Specific list of queries (not exceeding a maximum of 3)

6. Preference mode of solution to the situation that needs be addressed, like for example, gemstone guidance, amulet, recommended healing, recommended course of learning.

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